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AGREEMENT on web-hosting services SIA, registration Nr. 44103127320, VAT ID: LV44103127320, address: Miera iela 15 k-1, Rīga, LV-1001, Latvia, hereinafter – the Contractor, represented by the Board Member Ivans Tutovs, on the one part, and Natural person, which approved this Agreement in electronic form according to the provisions of Section 5.1 of this Agreement, hereinafter – the Customer, on the other part, hereinafter collectively and individually referred to as the Parties, without fraud, delusion and compulsion, on the basis of the laws of the Republic of Latvia in force, have entered into this Agreement on the following: 1. SUBJECT OF THE AGREEMENT 1.1. The Customer entrusts, but the Contractor in consideration of payment shall render the following web-hosting services: 1.1.1. places the Customer’s web page on its web-server; 1.1.2. renders consultations by means of telephone and/or electronic mail relating to the questions of web-hosting of total duration up to one hour; 1.1.3. maintains the Customer’s web page on its web-server; 1.1.4. makes the Customer’s web page available to public on the Internet; 2. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE PARTIES 2.1. After approval of this Agreement the Contractor shall place the Customer’s web page on its web server, as well perform other obligations prescribed in this Agreement upon condition that the Customer performs his obligations according to the provisions of this Agreement. 2.2. The Customer undertakes to settle accounts with the Contractor in a timely manner pursuant to Section 3 of this Agreement. 2.3. The Customer undertakes obligation to prevent the presence, placement or storage of the following information on the web page handed over by the Customer: 2.3.1. information which, according to the Contractor, is a an official secret or a secret especially protected by law; promotes violence or the overthrow of the prevailing order, cruelty, racial, national or religious hatred or intolerance, incites to the commission of other crimes; 2.3.2. materials of prejudicial investigation without the written permission of the prosecutor or investigator; 2.3.3. correspondence, telephone conversations and other storage of telegraphic messages without the permission of the addressee and/or author or their heirs; 2.3.4. information which, according to the Contractor, is being used for intrusion into private life; 2.3.5. information which, according to the Contractor, concerns the honour and dignity of natural and legal persons and discredits their names; 2.3.6. data on the health condition of persons without their permission; 2.3.7. commercial and patent secrets without the permission of their owner; 2.3.8. information which, according to the Contractor, allows to identify a child’s identity suffered from the illegal act, minor offender or witness, unless a permission is obtained from the persons and institutions specified in the Law on the protection of children rights; 2.3.9. child pornography and materials which demonstrate cruelty against children; 2.3.10. information which, according to the Contractor, is of erotic or pornographic nature; 2.3.11. data and materials which, according to the Contractor, violate or may violate author rights (e.g. illegal software, music compositions, links to pages containing such software or software used to “hack” other programs – crack); 2.3.12. data of natural persons without their permission; 2.3.13. information which, according to the Contractor, is an advertisement of gambling games, which is placed outside the places for organization of gambling games; 2.3.14. other information and materials which, according to the Contractor, are illegal or concern the rights and interests of third persons. 2.4. The Contractor may at any time block the access to the Customer’s web page in the event the Contractor finds that the Customer has violated Section 2.3 of this Agreement or upon the occurrence of the circumstances specified in Section 2.7. of the Agreement. In such case the Customer is obliged to eliminate all violations found by the Contractor within 2 (two) days of the moment receipt of the relevant notice from the Contractor. If the Customer fails to eliminate the violations found by the Contractor, or the information or materials, which had to be removed, remain on the Customer’s web page due to any reason, the Contractor has the right to eliminate such violations by himself and/or fully remove the Customer’s web page from its web server. By approving this Agreement the Customer has agreed to this and refuses to raise any complaints to the Contractor in relation to the block of access to the Customer’s web page on the Internet. 2.5. The Contractor has the right to receive payment for additional works which the Contractor has the right to request from the Contractor in relation to the placement of the Customer’s web page on the Contractor’s web server. The price, scope and other conditions of such work performance the Parties shall agree additionally by means of an agreement. 2.6. In the event any defects, failures, interruptions occur to the web server, the Contractor undertakes to eliminate them within 12 (twelve) hours of the moment of occurrence. This term shall extend in cases specified in Section 4.3 of Agreement in proportion to the period of the relevant circumstance. 2.7. By signing this Agreement, the Parties understand that the Customer's web page may have certain vulnerabilities, since it is developed by third parties, and, therefore, when it is placed and located on the Contractor's web server, there is a risk of getting of malicious software through the Customer's web page to the Contractor’s web server (bots/ scripts/ malware and others) that can harm third parties, the Customer, the Contractor, including their reputation, and cause negative consequences for the Contractor's web server (for example, disconnecting the server from external systems). 2.7.1. Specified in Section 2.7. of this Agreement, the actions of the Parties are recognized as actions committed due to circumstances beyond the control of the Contractor, for which the Contractor does not bear any responsibility and is not obliged to compensate for losses. 2.7.2. Upon the occurrence of circumstances specified in Section 2.7. of this Agreement, the Contractor has the right to restrict the operation of the Customer's web page or close access to it (make it inaccessible on the Internet) for the time of clarification of the circumstances and until the problem is corrected by the Contractor or the Customer himself in the web page or its code. During this period, the Contractor is not responsible for possible losses caused to the Customer in connection with the non-working Customer's web page, and is not obliged to compensate them. 2.7.3. During the period when the Customer's web page was disabled or its work was limited as for reasons specified in Section 2.7. of this Agreement, the Customer is not entitled to demand a reduction in the remuneration paid for the provision of web hosting services under this Agreement. 2.7.4. After eliminating the problem, the Contractor restores the work of the Customer's web page on the Contractor's web server. 3. PAYMENT PROCEDURE 3.1. For the provided web hosting services the Customer undertakes to pay the Contractor on a monthly basis the remuneration according to the valid pricelist of the Contractor which is available on the Contractor’s web page – elinks, .hosting 3.2. The Customer undertakes to pay the Contractor remuneration for the web hosting services by the 10th (tenth) date of each month, by means of transferring the funds to the bank account of the Contractor in accordance with the invoice issued by the Contractor. 3.3. In the event the Customer violates the web hosting services’ payment term specified in Section 3.2 of Agreement, the Customer in addition to the overdue payment undertakes to pay the Contractor contractual penalty in amount of 0,5% from the overdue sum for each day of delay. In such case the Contractor is entitled to cease the web hosting services’ performance until the moment the Customer settles all his debt obligations arising out of Agreement. 4. DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND LIABILITY OF THE PARTIES 4.1. All disputes and disagreements arising out of this Agreement or in connection thereto, the Parties shall resolve by means of negotiations. If the Parties fail to reach an agreement by means of negotiations, the dispute shall be resolved in the courts of the Republic of Latvia according to the laws of the Republic of Latvia in force. 4.2. The Parties are liable to each other for the failure to perform their obligations prescribed in this Agreement in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia in force. 4.3. The Contractor shall not be liable for damaging or destructing the information and materials located on the Customer’s web page, if such damages and destruction did not occur through the fault of the Contractor and/or if they occurred due to the force-majeure events such as fire, explosion, earthquake, flood, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, typhoon, lightning, snow storm, magnetic, storm, sand storm or another storm, glaze ice, snowdrifts, meteoric impact or impact of other celestial bodies, land slide or other natural disasters, accident, strike, embargo, boycott, interversion, occupation, revolution, military rebellion, mass rioting, colonization, quarantine, epidemyepidemics, terror act, political takeover, military or anti-terroristic actions of any kind, prohibition acts and actions of government or self-government authorities, failure or breakings of communucationcommunication, including voltage spikes in electric grids, illegal acts of third persons, infiltration of computer viruses and activitesactivities on the Customer’s web page, as well as other circumstances of emergency nature, which the Contractor could neither foresee nor prevent by means of reasonable measursmeasures. 4.4. The Customer shall be liable for compliance with Section 2.3 of this Agreement. If the Contractors finds that the Customer has violated the conditions of Section 2.3 of this Agreement, the Customer undertakes to compensate the Contractor all losses caused to the Contractor as a result of such violation in full. 4.5. The Contractor shall be liable for the working capacity of the Customer’s web page placed on the Contractor’s web server, except for events specified in Section 2.4., 2.7. and 4.3. of Agreement. 4.6. The Customer shall be liable for the activities performed on the Customer’s web page and shall personally compensate the losses caused to third persons. 4.7. The Contractor shall not be liable for the contents of the information located on the Customer’s web page. 4.8. The Customer may not render the web hosting services of the Contractor to third persons. 4.9. The Customer undertakes to use the Internet in a legal manner, without causing losses to the Contractor or other network subscribers third parties through its direct or indirect actions. 5. VALIDITY TERM, PROCEDURE FOR AMENDMENT, SUPPLEMENT AND TERMINATION OF THE AGREEMENT 5.1. This Agreement comes into force and is binding on the Parties from the moment the Customer has approved this Agreement in electronic form by checking the box “I agree and accept..” and pressing the button “Order services”. 5.1.1. The date of conclusion of this Agreement shall be the date of entry into force of the Agreement which is recorded in an electronic form. 5.1.2. By approving the Agreement, the Parties acknowledge and confirm that the Agreement concluded in electronic form, as well as invoices and all correspondence sent in electronic form to the electronic address of the Customer and Contractor have legal force and are binding on the Parties. 5.2. Each Party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement beforehand unilaterally with a 14 (fourteen) days’ prior written notice to the other Party. 5.3. Upon termination of this Agreement the Contractor shall return to the Customer the Customer’s web page (executable files, text files, HTML files, images, diagrams and other materials relating to the web page and necessary for the functioning thereof on the Contractor’s web server), which was located on the web server according to the conditions of this Agreement. 5.3.1. The Contractor has the right to retain the Customer’s web page and refuse from returning the web page it to the Customer till the moment all of the Customer’s debt obligations arising out of this Agreement are settled. 6. FINAL PROVISIONS 6.1. The Agreement contains full understanding of the Parties, the Parties have read it and agree to all its sections. The Parties confirm that they understand the contents and consequences of Agreement, as well as that the Agreement is entered into voluntarily based on the interests of both Parties. All sections of this Agreement are agreed to between the Parties. 6.2. In all other respects not specified in this Agreement, the Parties shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia in force.